Angelo graduated from Cleveland State University as an Electronic Engineer. He worked forty-two years on electronic systems for military and advanced commercial aircraft. He also taught electronics at the Akron University Night School. He retired in 1993 as the Manager of the Electronic Research and Development Department. He has several patents in Aircraft Electronics. After retiring he decided to use his experience and knowledge to write fictional novels.


For twenty years Mr. Crapanzano has been writing action filled novels that promote Christian values.

All but one of Angelo Crapanzano’s books have a piece of his life it them. He includes some of his own experience as a lead in all of his books except one. The one novel which is different is based on a true story told him by his father that happened when his father was twelve years old.

Angelo says that every story that he wrote he lived in his mind, while waiting to fall asleep or on awakening in the morning before he gets up. For most of his novels he puts himself as the main character. It’s like he is writing out of his own experience. It’s like it was really happening to him. He says that it is a variation of the Golden Rule. He tries to put himself in the other person’s shoes. He also tells us that he is an incurable romantic. Every one of his books has a passionate romance. His books tell us that he writes from his heart.

Angelo tells us that the idea for his books all start with the question, What if? When a situation comes up and he asks himself what if he had taken a different road or made a different decision. A good example of this is his book, Fiction or Prophecy. One of the terrorist claimed that they were working on a backpack nuclear bomb and were going to bomb ten of our largest cities. Our official claimed that it was an idle threat. The author saw the, what if, question.

What if the terrorist was telling the truth?


Novel Romances

A Different Time, A Different Earth

Notorious Casolini